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a可以进行试驾。也有试驾车 May carry on tries to harness.Also has tries to drive [translate] 
aObeying traffic rules,The Responsibility which everyone should have。Wish People to live longer,Share safety in miles。It's the good saying to be。Regardless of what,nothing is over life。At least,don't let tragedy Occur。No Traffic Accident can bring the benefit,even though purposive to make an Accident to gain assurance,t 服从交通规则,大家应该有的责任。祝愿人长期居住,份额安全在英哩。它是好说法。不管什么,没什么是% [translate] 
a必須で進めてください。 [translate] 
a电脑的好处例如有 The computer advantage for example has [translate] 
a这个问题很纠结啊 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a相信我们会有一个美好的回忆的。 Believed we can have a happy recollection. [translate] 
a今天,我去了我姐姐家,和姐姐打麻将、打羽毛球,晚上我们吃完晚饭后,又是看电视又是打麻将的,高兴极了,到了睡觉时间我们从柜里拿了几个猕猴桃吃,吃完后,才睡觉. Today, I have gone to my elder sister family, plays mahjong, plays the badminton with the elder sister, after evening we finished eating the dinner, also is looked the television also is plays mahjong, happy extremely, we has taken several kiwi fruits to the sleeping time from the cabinet to eat, af [translate] 
aJoe Richards finished school when he was eighteen, and then his father said to him, “you’ve passed your examinations now, Joe, and you got food marks in them. Now go and get some good work. They’re looking for clever people at the bank in the town. The clerks there get quite a lot of money now.” [translate] 
aIt gives me great pleasure today to say a few words in praise af a man we will all miss very much.to be homest, I can't imagine we will do without him when he's gone. 它在称赞af给予我巨大乐趣今天说几个词我们所有错过非常.to homest的一个人,我不可能想象我们将做,不用他,当他去时。 [translate] 
ahigher global QOL scores were found in PLD-treated patients at the first and 更高的全球性QOL比分在PLD被对待的患者被发现了在第一和 [translate] 
aIs an unexpected thing 是一件意想不到的事 [translate] 
aTe desidero 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们经常为外国朋友做中国饭菜 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们刚认识不久 We just knew soon [translate] 
aIt is reported that the electronic industry is going on rapidly in recent year 它被报道电子工业在最近年迅速地继续 [translate] 
awhere im gonig first where im gonig first [translate] 
athis is my life,and I enjoy it very much and feel happy every day. thanks. 这是我的生活,并且我非常享用它并且每天感觉愉快。 谢谢。 [translate] 
a在生活中交流的方法有很多 The method exchanges which in the life has very much [translate] 
a王玲你在吗 Ling 임금 안으로 당신 [translate] 
a西安金鹰中登购物中心将以时尚完善的品牌结构,丰富的业态形式,贴心舒适的购物环境,成为明日城北商圈高级次的购物殿堂,引领购物新风尚。 In the Xi'an golden eagle will ascend the shopping center the brand structure which will consummate by the fashion, the rich industry condition form, the intimate comfortable shopping environment, will become the tomorrow north end of town business circle high level the shopping palace, will eagerly [translate] 
a他的阅读速度极快,据说“读书能一目十行” His reading speed is extremely quick, it is said “studies can the rapid reader” [translate] 
aToday I had check with the export company. The shipment to Israel only on Monday. 今天我有检查与出口公司。 在星期一发货向仅以色列。 [translate] 
aIt is a wise father that knows his own child It is a wise father that knows his own child [translate] 
adrug dealer 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a建筑工程混凝土施工技术研究 Architectural engineering concrete construction engineering research [translate] 
aYou can't watch videos here. You can borrow a video for a week for 1. 您不可能这里观看录影。 您能借用录影一个星期为1。 [translate] 
aPrinter is not ready to print check all connetions and make sure all devices are on 打印机不准备打印检查所有connetions,并且确定所有设备打开 [translate] 
a多和老师聊天 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aトリコット 手编织品 [translate] 
aWarning: discontinue use if signs of irritation occur 警告: 如果激怒的标志发生,中断用途 [translate] 
aAntistatische und leitlackbeschichtete Verpackungen von Taracell schützen Elektronik Bauelemente und Geräte vor sogenannten harten Entladungen oder unerwünschten Fremd-Spannungen. Ein- oder Mehrwegverpackungen - konstruktiv perfekt - gepaart mit individuellen Kundenbedürfnissen. Taracell抗静电和导电性油漆上漆的包装保护元素和设备电子免受所谓的坚硬unloadings或不需要的外在电压。 在或可再用的包裹-建设完善-配对与各自的顾客需要。 [translate] 
a正式通知书 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a现在有许多人关注它 Now has many people to pay attention to it [translate] 
aFollow me. 跟我学。 [translate] 
aThe percentage of coal consumption is near 煤炭消耗量的百分比近 [translate] 
a但是,除此之外,我认为自信,自律也是非常重的品质 But, in addition, I think self-confidently, the autonomy also is the non-constant weight quality [translate] 
a今天又吃撑了 今日サポートを食べた [translate] 
a税务调查 Tax affairs investigation [translate] 
a保险证明 工作合同 Certificate of insurance work contract [translate] 
aThe capillary syndrome in viral infections: Treatment with citrus flavonoids 血丝综合症状在病毒感染: 治疗用柑橘黄酮类化合物 [translate] 
atime, as higher-risk groups face higher mortality rates due to [translate] 
a旋转方向不对 The hand of rotation is not right [translate] 
a(positiveness of consensus). 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a Burberry是极具英国传统风格的奢侈品牌,其多层次的产品系列满足了不同年龄和性别消费者需求,公司采用零售、批发和授权许可等方式使其知名度享誉全球。Burberry创办于1856年,是英国皇室御用品。过去的几十年,Burberry主要以生产雨衣,伞具及丝巾为主,而今,除传统服装外,为因应多元时代的来临,Burberry也将设计触角延伸至其它领域,并将经典元素注入其中,推出相关商品,让传统英国的尊贵个性与生活品味继续延伸其中,获得崭新的生命。 [translate] 
a你打算怎么度过春节呢? You planned how passed the Spring Festival? [translate] 
a我并不介意这是否会对申请造成影响 I did not mind whether this can to apply to have the influence [translate] 
aA 93-year-old Belgian-Congolese nurse who saved hundreds of wounded American soldiers during World War II has received a belated award for valour from the US army. Augusta Chiwy volunteered to help at a medical centre at the height of the Battle of the Bulge in the town of Bastogne. 保存数百受伤的美国战士在第二次世界大战期间的一位93年老比利时人Congolese护士从美国军队接受了一个迟来的奖为勇气。 奥古斯塔Chiwy在Bastogne镇志愿帮助在一个医疗中心在价格猛涨战争的高度。 [translate] 
a要射吗 要射吗 [translate] 
adue to the work due to the work [translate] 
a締め付け 拉紧 [translate] 
a因此,本次研究的重点放在《纽约时报》头版、国际版和图片对有关中国内容的报道题材选择和报道倾向性方面,旨在从“报道了什么”和“如何报道”两个层次进行内容分析。 Therefore, this research key point places "the New York Times" the front page, the international edition and the picture to concerns the Chinese content report theme choice and the report tendentious aspect, was for the purpose of from “reporting any” and “how reported” two levels carried on the con [translate] 
aActive against aging 激活反对老化 [translate] 
ababylon 巴比伦 [translate] 
a家庭人口3人以内控制在60平方米,4人以上不得超过90平方米 In the family population 3 people controls in 60 square meters, above 4 people does not have to surpass 90 square meters [translate] 
ason bouquet est fruite 它的花束是水果的 [translate] 
aWas up there? 有没有? [translate]