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Today is Thursday, the weather is sunny.


Today is Thursday, the weather is fine.


Today is Thursday, the weather is fine.


Today it is Thursday and the weather was sunny.


Today is Thursday, the weather is sunny.
abut I know that it will continue without me 但我知道它将继续,不用我 [translate] 
areturns shipping instruction 退回装载指示 [translate] 
a如果你觉得我的所做所为是我不够成熟的表现,你不愿意接受我也没什么话说,只是我自己感觉你会记得,你会喜欢就做了,我对你真的很用心很认真,你不接受我也不会强求 If you thought my behavior is I insufficiently mature performance, you are not willing to accept me also not to have any speech to say, only is I felt you can remember, you could like doing, I very attentively very was really earnest to you, you did not accept me not to be able to demand [translate] 
aQ: What is the man looking for? [translate] 
a由仓库负责填写后粘贴于外包装上(物料性状为液体的贴正本),有内包装的原辅料和内包装材料,在车间脱包进入洁净区后,将副本贴于内包装上 Is responsible for filling in after the warehouse glue on the outside wrapping (material character pastes principal edition for liquid) in, has the packing original helping material and in the packing material, escapes the package after the workshop to enter the pure area, pastes the transcription i [translate] 
a我们现在不能报关 We cannot declare now [translate] 
aho chi minh 胡志明 [translate] 
aFurther explanation of abbreviations is possible through the corresponding link on the Quality-Homepage of the Labortechnik. 简称的进一步解释通过对应的链接是可能的在Labortechnik的质量主页。 [translate] 
aI think heLping others is a wonderfuL thing . One day ,I was very sad to hear that my good friend, Sam,was ill. He was in hospital . All his friends went to the hospital to look afterhim. We told him many funny stories to make him happy,and went out for a waik with him.With our care,he was better and better. And soon h 我认为帮助其他是一件美妙的事。 一天,我是非常哀伤听见我的好朋友,山姆,是伊利诺州。 他在医院。 所有他的朋友去医院看afterhim。 我们讲他许多滑稽可笑的故事使他愉快,并且为一waik出去了与他。以我们的关心,他是好和好。 并且他很快留下hospitai。我们是非常愉快的。 帮助其他是一件愉快的事,不是它。 请有一次尝试。 [translate] 
a我最喜欢穿长裤和长袖,我最喜欢红色、绿色 I most like putting on the trousers and the long sleeve, I most like red, the green and the blue color. [translate] 
awith the cataclysm raining down inside crying save me now.you were hereimpossiblealone 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a一个活泼聪明的小男孩 A lively intelligent young boy [translate] 
a一听到这个消息,她就哭了 As soon as hears this news, she has cried [translate] 
a我在上班,沒有視頻 I am going to work, do not have the video frequency [translate] 
a谢谢某个人,一直给我发短信! Thanks somebody, continuously sends the short note to me! [translate] 
a我妈妈爸爸还有妹妹一起踩单车 My mother daddy also has the younger sister to step on the bicycle together [translate] 
a第七天,我会复习课文 Seventh days, I can review the text [translate] 
a他牙痛去看牙医了 His toothache saw the dentist [translate] 
a多庆幸我是我,被你疼爱的我 Rejoices I is I, is doted on by you I [translate] 
a所以我要学好英语 Therefore I must learn English [translate] 
aOperations, HKBU 操作, HKBU [translate] 
aDou you like football?Maybe you may say "No".But if I ask ,"Do you know David Beckham?"I'm sure the answer will be "Yes".Beckham was born in Leytonstone ,East London,on 2nd May,1975.He is quite talland and storng.He has brown hair ,blue eyes, and charming smile.Beckham is good at p__________football.He is known as the 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a据说他已经从外国回来了。 It is said his already came back from the foreign country. [translate] 
a那里诞生了许多优秀的篮球明星 There was born many outstanding basketball stars [translate] 
ateachers's Day is a good time for students to thank their teachers 老师的天是一一味寻欢作乐为了学生能感谢他们的老师 [translate] 
a那些勇敢的大学生毫不犹豫的跳进水里去救那个溺水的孩子 These brave university students without hesitation jump in the water to rescue the child who that is drowned [translate] 
a这时我们都说去何平公园 By now we all said what even park [translate] 
awater is a kind of matter 水 是 a 亲切 问题 [translate] 
a101-8400 lansdowne rd richmond bc,V6X 3G3 101-8400 lansdowne rd BC里士满, V6X 3G3 [translate] 
aBecause the stupid, want to escape! 由于愚笨,想要逃脱! [translate] 
aCentella Skin-Calming Facial Cieanser Centella Skin-Calming Facial Cieanser [translate] 
a所以大家把衣服穿厚点 Therefore everybody puts on clothes the thick spot [translate] 
aShould I let you long to break free of the hands 如果我长期让您免于打破手 [translate] 
aMaybe he can think he is in a beautiful place. 可能他可以认为他在一个美好的地方。 [translate] 
apoly-unsaturated hydrocarbon 多未饱和的碳氢化合物 [translate] 
a同时获得很多嘉奖和客人表扬 Simultaneously wins very many praises and the visitor praises [translate] 
a这辈子跟着我是你最大的错误 This whole life with me is you biggest mistake [translate] 
a通过情景再现表达你的情感 Expresses your emotion through the scene reappearance [translate] 
a我们将采取措施保护我市的环境. We will take the measure to protect my city the environment. [translate] 
aSELECT count, lastupdate FROM [Table]failedlogins WHERE ip='' 选择计数, lastupdate从[表] failedlogins ip=' [translate] 
a可是到时候你听不懂我说话怎么办呢 But when the time comes how can't you understand me to speak manage [translate] 
a这个小男孩想,如果问他爸爸这样的问题结果会怎样 This young boy thought, if how asks his daddy such question result to be able [translate] 
a我出院啦 I leave the hospital [translate] 
aPride goes before, and shame comes after 自豪感去前面,并且羞辱以后来 [translate] 
a优先发展混合动力汽车 Gives priority to development the mix power automobile [translate] 
aoutlawing 禁止 [translate] 
acollected by crabidab himself 收集由crabidab [translate] 
adepending on the temperature when filled 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这个是甚麽 What this is [translate] 
amy father usually concludes his work at about 5pm 我的父亲大约通常结束他的工作在5pm [translate] 
a我告诉你,我喜欢的不是样子,是感觉。 I tell you, me like am not the appearance, is the feeling. [translate] 
a姚明和易建联都打篮球打得好 Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian all play the basketball to hit well [translate] 
a我们不再坐着休息 We no longer sit the rest [translate] 
a东北酸白菜 Northeast sour cabbage [translate] 
aauto windshield wipes 自动皮革抹 [translate] 
a你只看到了现在,那将来怎么办? You only saw the present, how that future has managed? [translate] 
a今天是星期四,天气是晴朗的。 Today is Thursday, the weather is sunny. [translate]